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by Barry Hart

by Barry Hart

Whether it’s rising rates or right of ways, electric cooperative members often have questions for the employees and directors of their business. That’s one of the reasons we publish Rural Missouri. And it’s also why we take part in events such as the Missouri State Fair.

This month we start an important series that will fill you in on why electric rates are going up at co-ops across the state. This series (see page 12) will examine the many variables that contribute to the “perfect storm” descending on your power supplier.

Talking to members is vital to the success of any cooperative. When electric co-ops made the decision to fund the Missouri Electric Cooperatives Building at the state fair, we knew it would be an excellent place to visit with the membership.

The fair draws electric cooperative members from all across the state. It’s great to see hats with electric co-op logos on the heads of the many fairgoers. Those who have attended the fair in the past take great pride in the MEC building, especially its ground-source heat pump cooled comfort.

There will be a lot of new things to see and do in the electric cooperative building during this year’s fair, which runs from Aug. 9-19. An information kiosk staffed by electric cooperative personnel will be the first thing fairgoers see when entering the building.

A new energy bike will be on hand this year and should be a big hit. Pedal power simulates the work a power plant does as more and more load is placed on the system. The display has a fan, different wattage light bulbs and a TV set. As more load is placed on the generator, you will discover it gets harder to pedal. Those with the strongest legs will see themselves on the TV screen.

Once again we will have the “People from our Pages,” featuring artisans and craftspeople who appeared in Rural Missouri. There will also be photos from our award-winning editors on display.

Missouri’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are once again sponsoring events and concerts on the Touchstone Energy Stage. And some lucky members will get a ride in the Touchstone Energy balloon, weather permitting.

Jerry Divin, manager of Southwest Electric Cooperative and a member of the State Fair Commission, tells me he is excited by the return of Marion Lucas as fair director. Marion says he considers the fair home to family and friends, and we couldn’t agree more.

We hope you will all bring your questions to the fair and the Missouri Electric Cooperatives Building this month.

Hart is executive vice president of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

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